There are many pictures of life that our eyes blink,
But life is not the way we see, it’s just the way we think,
Life is an old bridge when you think of falling,
Life is a road when you think of walking,
Life is a river when you think of flowing,
Life is a tree when you think of ‘growing’.

Think of yourself as a word, then life becomes your meaning,
Think of yourself as an adventurer, then life becomes your training,
Think of yourself as fate, then life becomes your time,
Think of yourself as a poem, then life becomes your rhyme.

Think of love, you’ll feel it,
Think of success, you’ll achieve it,
Think of happiness, you’ll get it,
Think of positivity, you’ll have it,
Think of only good, you’ll see it,
Think of reason, you’ll understand it,
Think of answer, you’ll solve it,
Think of truth, you’ll find it,
Think of fun, you’ll enjoy it,
Think of present, you’ll live it,
Think of power, you’ll possess it,
Think of innovation, you’ll develop it,
Think of talent, you’ll nurture it,
Think of beauty, you’ll capture it,
Think of music, you’ll hear it,
Think of game, you’ll play it,
Think of the impossible, you’ll do it,
Think of GOD, you’ll believe it.

We waste our energy a lot every day,
To make our life best in every way,
But the key to mould our life as we like,
Lies deep within our brain’s powerful psyche,
To learn in life, some interesting lessons,

6 thoughts on “THINK AND IT HAPPENS….

  1. soo innovative and persuasive at the same tym such a nie combination of the words..!!!!! how do u think so much n comnbines the values of person n symbolise it wth th ebeauty of nature!!! amazing wrk!!

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