An idea makes us, An idea breaks us, An idea builds worlds, An idea creates words, An idea born from nothing, An idea consciously becomes something, An idea creates our reality, An idea is filled with insanity, An idea, so senseless and vague, An idea, spreading like plague, An idea infects the mind, An idea, … Continue reading IT’S ALL ABOUT AN IDEA


Today is a special day for me and for my blog because today is my blog’s blogoversary. Today, my blog has turned 2 years old. And not only this, there’s one more thing that makes this day special. On this day, I decided to upload my 100th post “WHAT’S ON MY MIND!” I decided to … Continue reading WHAT’S ON MY MIND!!!


1) "You are never wrong; you are just deviated from your own line of sight...!" 2) "Smile at your failures so gracefully that even failure fails to comment on your success...!!" 3) "When scars on your face forget to shine, make your smile so simple and divine....that your mind tells you...THAT'S FOREVER MINE...!!" 4) "Be … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #9