No, you can’t be! You are never wrong, you never were and you never will be! Why am I saying this? Because this is the truth! When do you consider yourself wrong? Is it when you do or say something that hurts others or is it when you hurt yourself! When you make a decision, … Continue reading HOW CAN I BE WRONG?


From the beautiful skylines, And the intensive sunshines, From the path less walked by, And the leaves gone dry, From the flowers blooming bright, And the stars scattering light, From the tides up high, And the streaks in the sky, I see the colours of life unseen, Faded over years that have been. From the … Continue reading COLOURS OF ‘LIFE’


For every emotion that our heart traces, There's an EXPRESSION that carves our faces, That which is in the heart deep inside, Can be revealed by expressions, keeping words aside. Thinking something in brain so loud, We can hear but can't express it's sound, That what we think, to project it apart, It should first … Continue reading EXPRESSIONS