No, you can’t be! You are never wrong, you never were and you never will be! Why am I saying this? Because this is the truth! When do you consider yourself wrong? Is it when you do or say something that hurts others or is it when you hurt yourself! When you make a decision, you think…..think…think a lot…why? Just to make sure that you are not making any wrong decision. But are you ever really wrong? I say NO. It is actually your own realization that makes you think you are wrong, but you are not! Let’s take an example.
Suppose you have to make a decision between attending a friend’s wedding and going on a trip with your family. Also, suppose that there’s no alternative than to choose one out of these two options. Now, you start thinking……a lot of thinking and ask questions to yourself, “what if I go and enjoy with my family, but then my friend will be upset…!” or “what if I go to my friend’s wedding, but then I’ll miss the fun trip with my family..!” After all these self-questioning and long discussions, you finally come to a conclusion – a decision. Whatever it may be, but it is clear that you have to choose just one and skip or reject the other. But after making the decision, you start regretting for making that decision. Why? Weren’t you aware of the fact that you have to choose just one and ignore the other? Yes, you were aware. This means you were WRONG even before making that decision. You knew that you are going to make wrong decision. But this is not true!
You are WRONG when you THINK you are wrong! That’s right! Our parents, society, elders and other people that we meet, keep us aware about things that are right and things that are wrong. But that is their perspective. How can you say that something that is right for one can be right for the other(s) too or something that is wrong for one can be wrong for the other(s) too! We all are different, unique personalities; we have different preferences, different likes and dislikes, different tastes, different perspectives, different opinions, different beliefs; then how can ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ be common to all? If your friend likes ice-cream, then it’s not necessary that you like it too or you HAVE TO like it too. If being a ‘non-vegetarian’ is wrong for you, then it’s not necessary that it’s wrong for others too. If it were, then there would be no ‘non-vegetarians’. So, how will you know if you are wrong or right?
You are right when you are TRUE and you are TRUE when you believe you are! When you make a decision on the basis of truth, you are right. Truth never hurts – neither you nor someone else; truth only gives you realization which is sometimes difficult to achieve or accept but not impossible. But when your decisions are based on excuses or lies, then you are WRONG. This is because we believe that making excuses or telling lies is WRONG; as it gives nothing other than more excuses or more lies. And anything that depends on excuses or lies must be wrong too. But what’s more important is what you actually BELIEVE. If you believe that hurting someone with your decisions makes you wrong, then you are WRONG. But if you believe that every decision that you make will not hurt you or someone else, you are never wrong. Wrongness of a decision lies only in imagination to cover and mystify the truth that lies underneath. If you look deep within and try to uncover the imaginary layers of wrong beliefs, you will find TRUTH…..which is always right!
So, ask yourself, “Can I be wrong?” If your beliefs are based on truth, you are never wrong…otherwise you are!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

15 thoughts on “HOW CAN I BE WRONG?

  1. well… good wrk varun…. but i have a different perception about being wrong or right.. there is nothing called wrong..anything that we do say giving a test , making a decision or anything has a designed blueprint fr that which would lead to a perfect answer or say a perfect life… bt wen we move out of that blueprint and try smthing new … n create things on our own . it is the point wen we are thought to be wrong (even though we’re not)
    in life there is a point when we regret our own deciison , when we think that “i wish i had not done this….” “i wish things were different” i wish i had another chance…” etc…. all these moment of regession are actually the moment when we learn … a moment when life teaches us new things …a moment which makes us mature and help us to take an insight of what lyes within our soul and mind…. coming back to the writing.. a very well explained nd written like alwz i loved it!

  2. That’s why I wrote…..we are never wrong….it depends on the perspective of the person who is making the decision. Wrongness is perspective dependent… varies from person to person 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your ideas about it 🙂

  3. You have been Posting some wonderful pieces of writing recently Varungenius.. And yes I like this… Hurt ~when we hurt inside it can be painful and sometimes that hurting is all part of the process of learning.. But then we can either choose to carry on hurting or let it go.. When we hurt we choose to let it … We have been so conditioned by others opinions as to the rights and wrongs of things… There is no right or wrong way….. Just experience…
    Wishing you a peaceful day ~Dreamwalker

  4. Your comments are always inspiring, Sue Dreamwalker! Your words give me inspiration and energy to write more. I’m always ready for improvements which I come to know through comments on my blog!
    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Hats-off for writing such a wonderful post.

    Very true, no one has same kind of thinking.. Not even the two twins born together. Then how can they both be right or both be wrong. We follow up things told to us but we forget that they are things told by a human being itself and no human is perfect. Everyone got some flaws, which is not wrong as per them but maybe according to our believes.

    Your words really gave many answers to my unsolved questions. I appreciate your thinking and glad that i am able to know them through your blog. 😀

  6. One way of looking a making a decision is knowing that each possibility will provide life lessons. So, no matter what you choose, you will have the possibility of learning certain lessons. Interesting piece. Thanks,hugs, pat

  7. Interesting post. I agree. Right and wrong are only perspectives. Circumstances will dictate when a person will view something as right or wrong. Change the circumstances and you can change the perspective. As long as when we act we do so with kindness then another’s feelings are their own responsibility. You can’t hurt someone, they can only decide to be hurt. Someone can’t hurt you, you only decide to be hurt. We human, so we react. But if we allow awareness of the situation to come to the fore we will move through feelings of hurt more quickly. Stu 🙂

  8. It took me a long to realize this point….Now that I do, my life is so much simpler. I live exactly how I want without worry or guilt because I know my own truth. Even if someone tries to push guilt on me I am secure that I did the right thing because it came from my heart.
    Great post!

  9. Hi. This is the first time I’ve visited, so please bear with me. If I were to attempt a summary of the piece, it would that “perception is everything, and everything is perception.”

    There is no question but a mature sense of self is held captive by the rights and wrongs, shoulds and shouldn’ts of society, family, religion, etc. We pass through and beyond concrete thinking, and, if we’re fortunate, we move out of the collective prison of guilt and shame.

    Having said that, however, I feel the need to offer another word here. If my perception is everything, we’re all in deep trouble. The self is not only the residence of truth; it also the home of self-deception and great evil. Hitler lives out his truth. Idi Amin acted on his own perceptions of himself and the world around him. Bermie Madoff did the same. None of us is a Hitler, an Amin, or a Madoff, but they serve the point. For most of us the choices seem more personal – I prefer Crest to Colgate; you prefer Colgate; neither one is right or wrong. We’re just different. The are no onsequences. or the repurcussions seem minimal in such matters. And, it seems to me, that we are increasingly shaped, unwittingly, by consumer capitalism where the world and life itself are reduced to shopping for what one wants or thinks one needs. Any sense of ethics – any sense that something may actually be wrong – is swept aside as a matter or consumer choice. Don’t indulge in buyer’s remorse, just move down the aisle according to my own truth, no matter who else may be hurt. If they’re hurt, it’s their problem..

    My concern with the piece is that the illustrations of decision-making are…well…Narcissistic. If I live alone by the pool, staring into the pool sot see only our own reflection, I will miss something much greater than my self-absorbed self. Sitting by the pool where nothing I do ever requires further reflection, or where I get to decide whatever feels like my truth in that particular moment leaves me in my world, but it also leaves me isolated from and indifferent to the worlds of others. And, ironically, it leaves Wall Street, the Pentegon, Al Qaida, the shooter in Florida, to do their thing because “perception is everything and everything is perception.”

    Growing beyond the childhood stage of concrete thinking (“right/wrong” ) can lead into a swamp (the lonely pool of Narcissicus who reduces everything to the shape and size of his own mirror reflection) or it can lead a more serious, nuanced, and thoughtful kind of ethical reflection that places us in the larger community of humankind.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect out loud. All the best!

    1. Thanks Gordon for your comment on my post! I would like to highlight a few points here. First of all, starting from “perception is everything, everything is perception”; this phrase is perfectly true but please make note that perception is not something ‘sensed’ by our physical senses. Perception is a single inner sensation that is independent of any physical part of the body. What we see is not actually what it is. We are ‘told’ or ‘taught’ that “this is a book”, so it becomes for us….and “this is a computer”, so it becomes for us…..!! To be precise, we are taught to perceive the illusion. The reality lies underneath in the hidden layers of this illusion.
      Let’s make it simple. “If they’re hurt, it’s their problem.” is something that this post denies. I clearly mentioned that when you do something with truth in your mind, body and soul……you are never wrong! And to have the knowledge of truth, it must be “realized” not observed or perceived outside…..but realized within “self”. Then only you will know whether you are supporting the truth or not. Hitler was living in illusion and so was Narcissus…….they were be-fooled by their physical perceptions. They believed that what they saw was actually real, because they were getting the results of their perceptions. But in this whole process, they were so lost in this illusion that they forgot to question their direction of progress or I must say that they forgot to consider the truth, because even without considering the truth, they were entertained by their perceptions. So, this was all an illusion for them and they didn’t know it, of course!
      I have also posted an article on perception on my blog. You must read it to have an idea about what I think perception actually is! Here’s the link:

      To just give you a brief, in this post, I stated that perception is internally sensed and it has just one form. Not everything that you perceive is TRUE and REAL……but everything that is REAL and TRUE must be perceived and must be lived on!! That’s the true nature of LIFE…..!!!

      Thanks for your comment once again! It opened up many new doors of concepts in my mind and helped me deal with this topic in more detail 🙂

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