Amidst the atrocities,Of this virtual world,I wish we could open our eyes,From this dream so absurd,Where people hide under,The imaginary mask,And speak the same answers,No matter what we ask.Talk to me endlessly,I'm longing to speak,My eyes are up here,What's down there do you seek?I can smell your thoughts,Why the hell do they stink?How beautiful is … Continue reading Trapped!

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Ultimate Cure)

When eyes become sore, Waiting for something more, A drop of LOVE in the tears, May cure the pain for years. When breath becomes stagnant, And the air we inhale is irrelevant, A breeze of LOVE from the fresh green, May make your mind fresh and clean. When emotions are stuck, And the only thing … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Ultimate Cure)


Thinking, do you think for long, Singing, do you sing your favourite song, Watching, do you watch till the end, Following, do you follow the trend, Caring, do you care unbound, Hearing, do you hear every sound, Loving, do you love without reasons, Enjoying, do you enjoy all seasons, Walking, do you walk unknown roads, … Continue reading BECOMING REAL, DO YOU?!