Thinking, do you think for long,
Singing, do you sing your favourite song,
Watching, do you watch till the end,
Following, do you follow the trend,
Caring, do you care unbound,
Hearing, do you hear every sound,
Loving, do you love without reasons,
Enjoying, do you enjoy all seasons,
Walking, do you walk unknown roads,
Laughing, do you laugh out loads,
Dancing, do you dance with the rain,
Smiling, do you smile even in pain,
Speaking, do you speak of truth,
Acting, do you act among youth,
Believing, do you believe in one,
Awakening, do you awaken to the light of Sun,
Becoming, do you become what you desire,
Achieving, do you achieve what you aspire,
Playing, do you play your favourite game,
Blaming, do you still blame your name,
When lights wash out to find what’s true,
You show your true self, do you?

©Varun K. Sharma

3 thoughts on “BECOMING REAL, DO YOU?!

  1. You left me speechless… your every question, as i read them through, i was answering yes or no and wondering. Once again an amazing poem with a wonderful thought.

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