1) “You are never wrong; you are just deviated from your own line of sight…!”

2) “Smile at your failures so gracefully that even failure fails to comment on your success…!!”

3) “When scars on your face forget to shine, make your smile so simple and divine….that your mind tells you…THAT’S FOREVER MINE…!!”

4) “Be proud at your smile, doesn’t matter how crazy it makes you feel…!”

5) “Mortality is not a curse, it’s a gift for those who understand that “a flower that blooms forever fades away it’s beauty; because withering away and giving new life is more beautiful than life itself…!”
6) “A friend is the only person in your life who denies your ‘yes’ and also lets you know…!!”

7) “Lights appear wavy and night appears bright, when you look through the lenses of LOVE….!”

8) “Regret about anything, that’s soon going to fade away; but never regret about LOVE, it will go on forever…!”

9) “Talking about LOVE, the world tries to stop you; talking about wisdom, the world tries to fool you; talking about life, the world tries to challenge you…..! When you talk, echoes are definitely going to bounce back….depends on you, which one you want to hear….and which one you want to bear…..!!”

10) “Sometimes, to see a beautiful smile, we have to show our wrinkles….!!”

11) “Be in LOVE….once you are into it…..there’s nothing good, there’s nothing bad…!! There’s only ‘less’ or ‘more’…..!”

12) “LOVE never makes us blind… actually makes everything so clear that it’s hard to accept that the REALITY is so beautiful….!”

13) “Look at the blank canvas, fill it with imagination, that’s creativity! Look at the filled canvas, interpret it with your imagination, that’s ART….!”

14) “Art has no language, but still it’s the best way to tell a story…!”

15) “It’s the philosophy of life that’s difficult to understand; the reality is actually a lot easier to believe….!”

©Varun K. Sharma

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