1) "You are never wrong; you are just deviated from your own line of sight...!" 2) "Smile at your failures so gracefully that even failure fails to comment on your success...!!" 3) "When scars on your face forget to shine, make your smile so simple and divine....that your mind tells you...THAT'S FOREVER MINE...!!" 4) "Be … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #9


1) "My words are opaque but together they make my life look transparent....!" 2) "When heart beats louder, that means you are close to silence; but when heart beats faster, that means you are close to LOVE ♥" 3) "Even the brilliant brain can't tell you who you really are; only the awakened mind can....!" … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #6


There are many things that you CAN do, and many others that you CAN’T! But how CAN we know which are the ones that we CAN and which are the ones that we CAN’T? Though there CAN be many explanations and answers that we CAN actually rely on, but which explanation CAN be generalized? Some … Continue reading HOW MANY ‘CAN’?