ImageThere are many things that you CAN do, and many others that you CAN’T! But how CAN we know which are the ones that we CAN and which are the ones that we CAN’T? Though there CAN be many explanations and answers that we CAN actually rely on, but which explanation CAN be generalized? Some people believe that each person is born with some talents and abilities; that means he CAN use his talents to do things that he CAN. But for the talents that he lacks, he CAN’T perform the tasks that CAN be achieved by possession of those talents. Some people also believe that “what we CAN” and “what we CAN’T” are predefined by the Creator Himself; according to which we CAN do things not that we actually desire but those that we are told to do or compelled to do! But this CAN’T be true! CAN it be?

How do you decide what abilities you must possess and what flaws you must ignore/reject? CAN you choose to select what abilities you want? Yes, you CAN! You CAN be the master of your own life. You CAN develop the talents your way, by just believing that you CAN. You CAN if you believe you CAN! This is the generalization. You don’t just have to think about it, you actually have to believe! It’s something from the inside. For all the things that you believed you CAN’T do, just change your belief to “yes, I CAN!” It may not be that simple, but not difficult either. If we CAN do something, that becomes easy. But if we don’t even try to do something by just thinking that it’s difficult, it will be! For once, if you CAN think of it the other way, you CAN actually create something good out of it. If you CAN change your belief to “what I thought earlier that I CAN’T just because it was difficult for me, if now I believe that I CAN, it CAN certainly bring a change!” then you surely CAN what you earlier believed you CAN’T. The main point here is that you certainly CAN achieve what you truly believe. If you believe you CAN’T because it seems difficult, then you CAN’T. And if you believe you CAN do even the most difficult things, you really CAN. It’s all a game of beliefs…..your own beliefs! And beliefs are developed, defined, re-defined, modified, secured and lived. Beliefs are not something that CAN sprout instantly. It CAN’T be instantaneous. It is a process; it takes time and energy. So now I ask, how many ‘CAN’? Remember, all of you CAN, you just have to believe!!

6 thoughts on “HOW MANY ‘CAN’?

  1. It reminds me of the song.. There can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail, its hard to kill..

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