LOVE – The Unexplained (The Ultimate Cure)

When eyes become sore, Waiting for something more, A drop of LOVE in the tears, May cure the pain for years. When breath becomes stagnant, And the air we inhale is irrelevant, A breeze of LOVE from the fresh green, May make your mind fresh and clean. When emotions are stuck, And the only thing … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Ultimate Cure)


This post is dedicated to ME 😉 Just to remind you all that this is me, Varun K. Sharma. A poet, a writer, a photography enthusiast, an artist......NO! Just a simple person with different perspective. I feel I'm special because I believe I'm special. To be special, you just have to believe that you are! … Continue reading THE SIDE OF ME THAT YOU SEE


There are many things that you CAN do, and many others that you CAN’T! But how CAN we know which are the ones that we CAN and which are the ones that we CAN’T? Though there CAN be many explanations and answers that we CAN actually rely on, but which explanation CAN be generalized? Some … Continue reading HOW MANY ‘CAN’?