This post is dedicated to ME 😉

Just to remind you all that this is me, Varun K. Sharma. A poet, a writer, a photography enthusiast, an artist……NO! Just a simple person with different perspective. I feel I’m special because I believe I’m special. To be special, you just have to believe that you are! And then you’ll be surprized to see that the world starts observing you in the same way you observe yourself. This is the reality I’ve realized. Living in a small town where most of the people are not so open minded, I never expected myself to reach such a level of my own SELF that it no longer matters to me ‘where I live’ because I’ve created my own town within me, where I live in reality, without boundaries and with limitless thoughts! I don’t know who I will become tomorrow, but there’s something inside that keeps telling me to believe that I’m gonna do something really great…..a change, a transformation…….of perspective, not people! Because it’s never the people who are wrong, it’s their perspective that’s blurred or messed up! And there’s one thing that I firmly believe ‘everything…..yes! everything can be cured with LOVE. Be in LOVE and live in LOVE…’ll be blessed even beyond your life…!

“There’s nothing real in this body that you so proudly show; because if there’s something that’s REAL……that’s inside! Stop looking outside for fame, glitter, name and identity……because once you are shining inside, everything that you wished for, comes to you!!”

©Varun K. Sharma

9 thoughts on “THE SIDE OF ME THAT YOU SEE

  1. Must say, you said those words in so simple words still they carry a different elegant positive attitude of yours. This is way to live a perfect live, and you really do inspire others too.
    Hats off on your in built quality to grow up such a human, helpful and charming.
    Keep rocking!

  2. Wow..loved it, especially the last lines..”once you are shining inside, everything that you wished for, comes to you”
    Very well written.

  3. Wow…nice work, especially the last lines.. “once you are shining inside, everything that you wished for, comes to you”
    Very well written…thats the way to live

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