Look at yourself…! Not in the mirror, not in your reflection, not in your shadow; but in this space….directly! Observe yourself, harder. What do you see? Who are you? Or it would be better to ask ‘what are you?’ I have thought over it many times and each time ended up going deeper and deeper into a spiral, but with no end. But now it seems that I have something to come forward with, which can keep me satisfied until the next phase of doubt jumps in. If you look at yourself and go deep inside you layer by layer, you’ll end up on the fundamental unit of life called ‘cell’. Now if you go a little deeper, you’ll stop at the basic fundamental and smallest unit of which all the matter is composed of; and that basic fundamental unit is ‘atom’.


Let’s go a little deeper into atom, we find electrons revolving around a heavy nucleus which itself contains protons and neutrons. Now, the final and most thoughtful question, “What is an electron or proton or neutron?” or in simple terms “What is matter?” We all are aware of the basic definition of matter and are convinced with it as far as answering to someone is concerned. But if we are really convinced, then why does the same question keep on whispering in our mind. That means there must be something that has yet to be known about matter.image

This is what I realized and I’m going to share it right away. Matter……doesn’t exist; it appears to exist! I realized this truth about matter (I believe it is!) not by thinking deep but by thinking general. I observed everything around, and then tried to relate them by something that can be generalized, or that is fundamental. Atom did not satisfy me much and so I decided to leap into it to the level of a speck of nothingness. But I found something very interesting there and surprisingly it was so fundamental that everything seemed connected somehow! I found energy. Yes! Everything around us is made up of energy, not matter.
Matter is a highly condensed form of energy; energy that always exists around and within us. Through meditation, I realized that whatever we may look like outside, we all are pulses of waves inside; waves oscillating at some frequencies. These are the frequencies connecting us to everything around us by resonating with some and interfering with some others. Our likes, interests, talents, passion, skills, behaviour, etc. are all the result of either the interference or resonance of these frequencies we generate within us. When we are sad or disappointed, interference occurs (destructive of course!) and when we are happy, resonance occurs or maybe constructive interference. Within each of us, there lies a speck of nothingness but our consciousness fills this ‘nothingness’ with ‘oneness’. The ONE from where we came and where we’ll end!


All this I realized myself through meditation and deep general thinking (you can call it so!). And as it was expected (it was surprizing though!!), quantum physics agrees to this fact. I read some articles after realizing this fact just to check if any theory supports this realization of mine so that I can rest my questioning mind for a while. And there it was, THE SUPERSTRING THEORY. You can read about this theory on the internet, it’s very popular theory that strongly supports my realization. But that doesn’t matter! Even if some scientific theory doesn’t support my realization, it will still be a realization which I live and believe on!
So, remember YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FREQUENCY. You can tune yourself at any frequency you wish to; you just need to know which frequencies are good and which are not.

©Varun K. Sharma


  1. I appreciate you, though i never had believe in such terms. Simple words or you could layman language is what goes straight in my mind and heart too agrees that. 😀
    but yes, I am surprised you could do such deep thinking.. Hats-off to dude.

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