This idea was suggested by Isha Kalra

Dot…..a tiny single cute little ‘dot’. What can it teach you? How can it inspire you? Can you make a whole story out of a single ‘dot’? One day while talking to a friend and sending her some dots in the chat (it was just an expression), I was suddenly struck by an idea – why not write something about these dots!

Suppose that a ‘dot’ represents your single thought. And as you know that I strongly believe that “we are what we believe ourselves to be. Our thoughts shape our reality”. So, this clearly means that what we think, that we become. I’ll explain this using these ‘dots’. Now, if a thought represents a dot, then if dots combine together, they make a line or curve. That means thoughts put together in a sequence create an idea (represented by a line or curve). Now, these lines combine together to form a plane or area. This area represents your belief. Many planes combine together to form a 3D shape. This 3D shape represents your perception. All these perceptions together frame your reality. Let me make it a little simpler:

Dots (individual thoughts) combine to form a line (idea); lines (many ideas) combine to form a plane (a single belief); planes (belief system) combine to form a 3D object (perception). And all these perceptions frame reality! Think about it…..but no need to think deeper, it’s simple enough to grasp.

When you think about something, you generate thoughts and you are continuously emitting them in the form of electromagnetic waves. Inside your mind, these thoughts combine to form an idea. For an idea to shape reality, it needs to be multi-dimensional. Various ideas collide, interfere, interact, combine, diminish and in the end, the net result is a belief. This belief is the result of interaction of these various ideas. Now, a belief is something that is strong enough to take hold of you and it does not leave you so easily. Now, based on various types of your beliefs, you frame your perception. That means, you perceive what you believe. And perception can be said to be 3 dimensional, since the things with which we interact in this world, are mostly 3 dimensional. Now, with all your perceptions, you frame your reality; the reality you live in! And this reality is multi-dimensional. It is made of many beliefs that you created with your ideas. And it all started with a single tiny little ‘dot’ or I would say, a single shapeless ‘thought’.

Remember, in my previous post YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FREQUENCY, I told that everything is energy and matter doesn’t exist. This dot is also matter; it doesn’t exist, it just appears to exist. Actually, it is condensed energy and the thoughts released from your mind are electromagnetic waves. So, this dot and everything that is made of it (reality too) is energy which has some frequency whose magnitude depends on you!

So now, I can say that ‘thoughts shape reality’. If a dot represents a thought, then it depends on you how to arrange these various dots to frame your ideas, then beliefs, then perception and thus ‘your’ reality. The only need is to control these dots and not let these dots control you by themselves moving to shapes you don’t wish for!

Learn to control your thoughts (by meditation, yoga, physical exercise, being positive, smiling, loving or by whatever means you feel happy) so that you are the architect of your own life and there’s no one to blame or complain!

©Varun K. Sharma

7 thoughts on “THOUGHT = A ‘DOT’

  1. Woah! Man… you left me dumbstruck or rather i should say open mouthed.
    Come on, how can a person think so deep and frame such a meaningful blog post with just a casual word “dot”.
    I admire the words thoughts shape reality, its cent percent true.
    And i had believed and experienced it many times. Now, i am not sharing them here but yes i agree completely with you at “you are the architect of your own life and there’s no one to complain or blame”.
    even this my funda of life do what you like so as later you don’t regret that your life is not how you had chosen and coz of others you are led into something. Whatever I may be, it would be just coz of me. 😀

    1. So quick you were as though you were already waiting for it!! Thanks for such an inspiring comment 🙂
      And you started it, I ended it……I hope I ended it well 😉

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