Idea suggested by Isha Kalra

There are stories; stories behind everything; everything that we interact with; interaction that connects us; a connection that unites us, merges us with this universe and its divine beauty. Of all those stories, there’s one that’s common to all, a story connected to rain. Rain, according to me, is one of the most beautiful elements of nature. I see rain to be so amazing that I believe everyone has some memorable story connected to it. I love rain so much that I can watch it rain for hours, admire it, dance with it. I see rain as a melody, music, a composition of GOD’s own words. I remember one of my poems that I composed back in January this year. Inspired by the beauty of rain and influenced by the melodious rhythm of its chatter, I composed a poem that I would like to share with you:


“Everytime I gaze upon this endless sphere,

I see this white dust floating in the air,

Innocent at face they smile in sunlight,

But when the brothers meet, they make the day night,

A black sea over my head floating up high,

Then dropping the watery moments of joy,

Chitter chatter splitter splatter,

Every tiny sound opens a fresh chapter,

Cold breeze buzzing in my ear,

With streamline songs so melodious to hear,

Nourishing the green with vanishing pain,

Growing the weed into an edible grain,

Fooled by glass in the window pane,

Making me sigh, the melodious rain.


The waves of words coming time to time,

Writing a poem with beautiful rhyme,

Singing a chorus of GOD’s own voice,

Sweeping the dust with elemental rejoice,

Filling the drains that are already full,

Draining the minds against the pull,

Little angels from sky to tell a tale,

With voice even sweeter than a nightingale,

Same but different, different but same,

Each splatter yells out a different name,

One yet many, many yet one,

They never fear even the Sun,

Fall and inspire, they rise again,

Teaches me LOVE, the melodious rain….!!!”

This poem must have triggered a memory in many of you, but let me tell you how I feel the rain. Rain, to me, is not just drops of joy, or melodious sounds that give pleasure to my mind; but it’s more a person to me; a person, who speaks through his tears, smiles through our faces, walks through natural channels of soil, plays with us holding our hands with his watery fingers.

For the ones in LOVE, rain sings the songs of love for them and connects them through a memory that remains forever in their hearts. Romance is what pours out in rain, joy is what spreads out in its fragrance, LOVE is what can be felt in its freshness and threads of strong bonds can be clearly seen between the sky and the earth.

A quote for those who want to see the rain differently, from the eyes of LOVE:

“It is not the freshness of rain or sounds of its chatter that inspires us much, it’s actually the ‘way it falls’ that inspires the most….! Because sometimes, beautiful things fall to break themselves and show you what they are actually made of…!!”

©Varun K. Sharma

10 thoughts on “THE UNSAID WORDS OF RAIN

  1. Sorry got late.. but you left me speechless.
    Its so beautifully expressed by you. Seems like you stole words from my heart and my imaginations. You said exactly what I feel and I am sure many of us.
    Very true, rain is simply a wonderful feeling in itself. It can make anyone fall in love with it. It accompanies us in our sorrows by being the tears of our eyes.

    Thanks for conveying the words of my heart but in your own way. Brilliant! 😀

  2. What an exquisitely fresh poem. And, I’ve never thought of just how much in our world rain connects. You’re right–it connects every living being on earth. Thanks for bringing that into my awareness today.

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