There are many things that make us wonder, think, for reasons behind how they happened! Questions arise, out of curiosity that keep us indulged in looking for satisfactory answers. But due to lack of time, we skip looking for answers till the end. We leave the questions unanswered thinking that finding answers don’t really matter to us at all. But it matters a lot…….really it does! There are instances when we say, “I left it because that could not be explained…..or I was unable to find a satisfactory explanation, that’s why I left it so that I can save my time not thinking about it worthlessly.” Questions left unanswered haunt us later; they can never be skipped, they can never be ignored. There’s one thing that is true and must be known as a fact, EVERYTHING CAN BE EXPLAINED! There’s nothing that is inexplicable; there’s a reason for everything and every reason is self-explanatory. Reasons need not be explained, because ‘reason is explanation’. When we explain something, we give reasons that support the statement to be explained. So,

Reason(s) = Explanation

Logically speaking, another statement that supports this fact is THERE’S A REASON FOR EVERYTHING!

Let’s go a bit more logical! Consider the following two statements:




Since the statements (a) and (b) are true, therefore, the conclusion which is deduced from the statements must also be true. Thus, the above argument is valid. But this was the logical explanation; not many of you will be interested in the logical explanation of such a statement. So, here’s another explanation to the topic.

Every question comes packed with many answers. A question never comes alone. Everything exists in pairs, so does the question and answer, problem and solution, positive and negative, and many more. In fact, I believe that the question itself is the answer! When we look from one direction, we see the question, and when we look it from the other side, we see the answer. It’s just the perspective that changes and the question seems to be the answer in just a flick of direction and shift in perception. It’s more like a 3D hologram that shows different images when seen from different angles. Questions can emerge out of anything, be it religion, education, research, culture, language, business, personal life, tradition, talent, adventure, idea, innovation, invention, technology, science, beliefs, and so on! Don’t hesitate to ask, and don’t hesitate to answer too.

Remember, EVERYTHING CAN BE EXPLAINED! You just have to give it a try, and you’ll observe that all the mysteries of your life that once were complicated to unveil will be uncovered by themselves. It’s like a chain; you solve one, you solve many! I have also tried to explain LOVE through a series of poems under the title “LOVE – The Unexplained”. Here, ‘The Unexplained’ written in the title actually represents an irony; it actually means the opposite. Although LOVE can’t be explained but still I have tried to explain it in my own way, in the way I see it. Like that, the thing(s) that you think is (are) complicated can also be explained in any understandable form. You just need some valid reasons because reasons mean explanation. You can’t explain something without reasons, you simply can’t! And if you do, then that is not a true explanation.

In life, there may come many instances where you have to give explanation for your actions (positive or negative). Then you can’t say that you don’t really have an explanation; actually you do, but you are not courageous enough to say it because you fear of losing your identity. But remember, if things are explained as they come, then it will never risk you with anything because explanation brings misunderstandings to lower level. Misunderstandings are eliminated when there’s a valid explanation to its cause. So, be ready to have a valid explanation for anything that comes your way, because there’s nothing that can’t be explained.

“If you can explain even a single word out of whole conversation, then it’s more than sufficient to save a relation from being shattered…!”

©Varun K. Sharma


    1. very right! The only point here is that never think about something to be inexplicable, everything can be explained…..depends on you whether you want to or not! 🙂

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