The Journey to the Center of my Mind

The journey starts from outside the door of my home. To the other side of the door, I see a world full of commotion, polluted physically and mentally with immoral values and double-meaning words. As I step ahead to the inside of my home, the outside commotion starts fading away. I can now untie my laces … Continue reading The Journey to the Center of my Mind


There are many things that make us wonder, think, for reasons behind how they happened! Questions arise, out of curiosity that keep us indulged in looking for satisfactory answers. But due to lack of time, we skip looking for answers till the end. We leave the questions unanswered thinking that finding answers don’t really matter … Continue reading EVERYTHING CAN BE EXPLAINED!


Topic suggested by Isha Kalra. Great were those times, When we were acting like mimes, Speaking through eyes, Making strong ties, Laughing together out loud, Being one and being proud, Silently yelling out words, Living in many worlds, Hands holding tight, Sitting in bright sunlight, Inhaling fresh air, Making an unmatchable pair, Walking unknown streets, … Continue reading LONELINESS….