Topic suggested by Isha Kalra.

Great were those times,
When we were acting like mimes,
Speaking through eyes,
Making strong ties,
Laughing together out loud,
Being one and being proud,
Silently yelling out words,
Living in many worlds,
Hands holding tight,
Sitting in bright sunlight,
Inhaling fresh air,
Making an unmatchable pair,
Walking unknown streets,
Enjoying delicious treats,
Travelling through towns,
Wearing coats and gowns,
Living in present reality,
In the world of singularity.

But today I’m lonely, alone I am,
Eyes are speaking, only what I cram,
Ties have become weak,
Laughing cloud has become a streak,
Oneness has been diverged,
Words have been reversed,
Hands have loosened their hold,
Warmth of sunlight has turned cold,
Fresh air has been infected,
The colour of ‘us’ has been reflected,
Walking has become a curse,
Treats now demand purse,
Towns have become congested,
Coats and gowns can’t be now adjusted,
Living in past, I now confess,
That I’m suffering in this LONELINESS….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

8 thoughts on “LONELINESS….

  1. simply grt poem…….dont feel alone…it is just a matter of few days……nd after dat we will celebrate together…….waitng fr u………..

  2. Awesome…!!!
    I knew it you will write nice but didn’t knew it would come out so wonderful..
    You had clearly depicted through your words the true feeling of loneliness, that how we live our life to the best with someone and then as he aparts from us we find our heart completely shattered with the feeling of loneliness.
    Simply great..

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