Thinking, do you think for long, Singing, do you sing your favourite song, Watching, do you watch till the end, Following, do you follow the trend, Caring, do you care unbound, Hearing, do you hear every sound, Loving, do you love without reasons, Enjoying, do you enjoy all seasons, Walking, do you walk unknown roads, … Continue reading BECOMING REAL, DO YOU?!


Topic suggested by Safa Tasneem. In my heart Oh! dear, You and me are near, You say not but I hear, We may talk but with fear, You were once my peer, Your every word I bear, Together in joyful tears, Alone in painful shears, I wanted to know you more, Ready to uncover the … Continue reading ‘YOU’ ARE STILL ‘SOMEONE’


Topic suggested by Isha Kalra. Great were those times, When we were acting like mimes, Speaking through eyes, Making strong ties, Laughing together out loud, Being one and being proud, Silently yelling out words, Living in many worlds, Hands holding tight, Sitting in bright sunlight, Inhaling fresh air, Making an unmatchable pair, Walking unknown streets, … Continue reading LONELINESS….