The Journey to the Center of my Mind

The journey starts from outside the door of my home. To the other side of the door, I see a world full of commotion, polluted physically and mentally with immoral values and double-meaning words. As I step ahead to the inside of my home, the outside commotion starts fading away. I can now untie my laces and open my shoes to walk on the floor with bare feet. The ground doesn’t feel solid at all but feels cold and smooth like ocean water carrying me away. As I move towards my personal room with my personal belongings, thoughts about them start emerging to the surface. I hold my belongings for a while, then pile them up in a separate place. I sit on a chair comfortably gazing at the painting on the wall. This is the painting of Yin-Yang made so creative that in a single glimpse, it acquaints me with the duality of this world but also reminds me of the singularity I belong to! While I keep looking at the painting on the wall, I close my eyes and now I enter the part of my journey where I don’t exist as a physical being but become a tiny part of the unlimited Source of energy. Though I am tiny, I am not limited to a single part of this huge never-ending fabric of reality.

This journey is not a physical journey to a place at my home. In this journey, my home is my mind. Outside the door, is a world based on duality that we live in, but inside it’s quiet and all the noise, pollution and unwanted thoughts are shut off slowly as I enter. The ground that I feel is not the floor of my home but the path composed of same material as I am. I don’t need to walk on it, it will take me where I want to go. My personal room is my subconscious mind and my belongings are my thoughts that have taken refuge in my room, intentionally or otherwise. As I go deeper into my mind, I hold every thought that I see and pile them in a separate place. Now I enter the more stable state of my mind where I am free of distractions. With thoughts piled up at a place out of my reach, I sit down on my chair which is the seat for the center of my mind. I look at the painting of Yin-Yang hanging on the wall. This is the perspective that I have created for myself and a portal to a world much deeper than I have ever been. I close my eyes and finally reach the center of my mind. There is nothing that I see or hear or feel or touch or sense. I am in a state of complete abundance. I am no more limited to the boundaries of my thoughts or my perspectives but have entered the very center of creation and destruction. I exist and don’t exist at the same time. I belong no where but I am everywhere. I am complete!

And while the world outside perishes and fights over things, I am finally at peace!

This is the journey to the center of my mind…. !

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