The False Identity!

Remember those old college days,

Those jokes, pranks and silly gags,

Friends together going for class,

With empty notebooks and sagging bags,

You were young, you were free,

To decide what you wanted to be,

Life was smooth, there were no lags,

Back then, you were not your tags!

And today at work,

If you look around,

Thousands of necks,

Tags hanging around,

Is it your identity,

Or just a card with your name,

Do you feel proud showing it,

Or do you feel it lame,

To wave it around,

At every gate,

This little thing decides,

If you are early or late.

You are not your degree,

You are not your tag,

And of your scores and figures,

Never should you brag,

You are more than yourself,

You are part and whole,

You don’t need those tags,

To feed your soul!

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