What’s in a name

What's in a name, That you carry along, You call it your birthright, And that isn't wrong, What's in a name, That fills you with rejoice, When you hear its words echo, From someone else's voice, What's in a name, That makes you so proud, Even with intentions so damped, It shouts your actions loud, … Continue reading What’s in a name


Remember those old college days, Those jokes, pranks and silly gags, Friends together going for class, With empty notebooks and sagging bags, You were young, you were free, To decide what you wanted to be, Life was smooth, there were no lags, Back then, you were not your tags! And today at work, If you look … Continue reading YOU ARE NOT YOUR TAGS


Thinking, do you think for long, Singing, do you sing your favourite song, Watching, do you watch till the end, Following, do you follow the trend, Caring, do you care unbound, Hearing, do you hear every sound, Loving, do you love without reasons, Enjoying, do you enjoy all seasons, Walking, do you walk unknown roads, … Continue reading BECOMING REAL, DO YOU?!