Downpour Dance

Downpour, aghast I see, Waters drenched in dust, Under the wrong light, A figure formed from lust, Whining and whirling seductively, Taking away my merciless stare, Playful, calling to hold tight, Unbeknownst to when and where, Two different worlds, front and back, Undiscovered, understated, less understood, Reading an empty book that feels, Heavier in meanings … Continue reading Downpour Dance

THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 5: Out In The Rain)

*continued from chapter 4 Falco disappearing in the far depths of the horizon and Engy still looking at the spirit of this little bird makes him think about how Falco got the strength to escape out of the heavy rainstorm. Asking to himself in doubt, Engy heard the voice speaking to him loudly at first … Continue reading THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 5: Out In The Rain)