Usual Day, Unusual Events

Today is 21st June 2020, the 172nd day of the year. Anything special about this day? Usually, every year this day marks the summer solstice in Northern hemisphere, which makes the daylight stay for longer hours, making it the longest day of the year. Don't go too scientific on me, the full day is still … Continue reading Usual Day, Unusual Events


Idea suggested by Isha Kalra There are stories; stories behind everything; everything that we interact with; interaction that connects us; a connection that unites us, merges us with this universe and its divine beauty. Of all those stories, there’s one that’s common to all, a story connected to rain. Rain, according to me, is one … Continue reading THE UNSAID WORDS OF RAIN


We live on a planet which was once green and bright, Where flowers once bloomed in the shining sunlight, Where animals once lived happily and learned to share, And to disturb the balance, we were not there.   Rocks became soil and life they nourished, Clouds became rain and happiness flourished, Rivers became pathways and … Continue reading I’M ALIVE