We live on a planet which was once green and bright,

Where flowers once bloomed in the shining sunlight,

Where animals once lived happily and learned to share,

And to disturb the balance, we were not there.


Rocks became soil and life they nourished,

Clouds became rain and happiness flourished,

Rivers became pathways and directions they guided,

Sounds became melodies and peace they provided.


And today when I look around I see only lies,

“Save me! I’m alive”, the nature cries,

The sounds of machines nullify this ‘cry of reason’,

The greed for more have blurred our vision.


Today we sing no prayers, we hear no cries,

As mercy and humanity has been covered with lies,

We think we are breached by creatures uninvited,

But what we call our ‘home’ was once a land undivided.


We created things that comforted but divided,

We ignored the signs, the phrases so clearly recited,

‘We’ became ‘I’ when we learned to survive,

And now we are alone, alone to strive,

Beyond our perception, if we use our senses all the five,

We’ll still hear a cry, “Save me! I’m alive!”.

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