I was once lost in time and weaker in sense,
Tired of walking on the path of perseverence;
In trying to be like others around me,
I felt like nothing I ever wanted to be;
When others did, they saw the light,
But when I did the same, it was already the dark of night;
Trying to explore my talents, I wandered,
From deserts of diplomacy to oceans of lies hundred;
But I found nothing on a journey so long,
As my direction and pace of progression were wrong.

I entered the world of professionalism one day,
And made engineering my interest of everyday;
I tried opening every door and window for light,
But found only dark till the end of my sight;
I saw people come, try, win, celebrate and go,
But I was still standing where I was long ago;
I tried to observe and study every step to success,
And found something valuable for me in this process;
That I was looking outside me in search for my abilities,
I should have found deep inside my conscious mind’s stabilities.

Then in the time not too far, on some unusual day,
I started observing things in a different way;
Nature with all its beauty and colours to name a few,
Inspired me at every step to think of something new;
I began questioning everything and started looking for every reason,
And I enjoyed the rain of curiousity, irrespective of the season;
I changed my perspective towards life and reality,
And I observed my ‘conscious self’ to know my actual personality;
I understood the meanings of words I struggled with before,
Love, relationships, religion, knowledge, ‘self’ and more.

Then on a bright new day when I opened my mind,
I noticed things inside I struggled so long to find;
All that was hidden in my mind and buried deep within my core,
Was a voice, an art, an innovation, a click, a perspective, a truth and more;
I dug so deep that I observed more than I could,
Changing things around me I can, I must, I should;
All those questions were answered that once haunted my mind,
In a place somewhere so hard for anyone to find;
This is my story, my true story without any bends,
It goes on straight forever, never ever it ends…..!


2 thoughts on “WHEN I OPENED MY MIND

  1. heyy woww.. amazing wwrk.. everyone has a face which is know to him only..n never wants that t be shown t anyone.. i hope u find a sense of joy in doin wt u feel.. enjoi!1 keep witing!2

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