From the heights of mountains came a girl too bright,
Whose deep true eyes sparkled with flashes of light,
She had a merciful heart inside devoid of any lies,
Everything comes alive when she opens her eyes.

Influenced by art of music and dance,
She comes forward and never misses a chance,
She looks down on ground every time she flies,
Time stops by when she opens her eyes.

Looking at the beauty around, she wondered,
Equipped with the skill of perspective, she captured,
Helping others is something she never denies,
Love and happiness arrives when she opens her eyes.

She tried to fly high With the wings of steel,
Always moving forward like a rotating wheel,
She gives a good lead and needful advice,
Friendship redefines itself when she opens her eyes.

Of all that she is, there is something more,
That’s hidden far beyond her conscious door,
She sees the rainbow every time she looks at the skies,
Life becomes colourful when she opens her eyes.

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