Through My Eyes

Look around, what do you see? Through your observant eyes, Does the world seem real, Or walking in disguise? What do you think rules the world? Is it love or ego or neither if these? Do you see hope, perseverence, success, Or failure, betrayal, and injustice? What do you see in their eyes? A story, … Continue reading Through My Eyes

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Silence of Words)

I see you in that corner again, Waiting for your bus on the next lane, You look at me as if you're going to speak, But then you go silent again. I wait for your eyes to turn towards me, I wait for your words to hit on me, So desperate I am to hear … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Silence of Words)


From the heights of mountains came a girl too bright, Whose deep true eyes sparkled with flashes of light, She had a merciful heart inside devoid of any lies, Everything comes alive when she opens her eyes. Influenced by art of music and dance, She comes forward and never misses a chance, She looks down … Continue reading WHEN SHE OPENS HER EYES