Of all the expressions that we bear,
There is only one that vanishes our fear,
That lasts forever, but stays a while,
It’s a sweet and beautiful smile.

Good or bad, we smile;
Happy or sad, we smile;
High or low, we smile;
Fast or slow, we smile;
Laugh or cry, we smile;
Hello or goodbye, we smile;
Far or near, we smile;
Friend or dear, we smile;
Strong or weak, we smile;
Tickle or prick, we smile;
Found or lost, we smile;
First or last, we smile;
Come or go, we smile;
Keep or throw, we smile;
Make or break, we smile;
Real or fake, we smile;
Pleasure or pain, we smile;
Cool breeze or heavy rain, we smile;
Rise or fall, we smile;
Alone or all, we smile;
Hot or cold, we smile;
Fresh or old, we smile;
Swim or drown, we smile;
Up or down, we smile;
Win or lose, we smile;
Necktie or noose, we smile;

For all we conserve, smile;
For all we deserve, smile;
For all we admire, smile;
For all we desire, smile;
For all we love, smile;
For all we serve, smile;
For all we respect, smile;
For all we accept, smile;
For all we struggle, smile;
For all we giggle, smile;

Smile in sun, rain, fog and storm;
Smile in humid, moist, dry and warm;
Smile in war, surrender, betrayal and fight;
Smile in dark, grey, colour and light;

Smile when your voice becomes melody for others,
Smile when your eyes become an ocean for others,
Smile when your actions become inspiration for others,
Smile when your words become language for others.

Smile for the ones who stand beside you,
Smile for the ones who can’t live without you,
Smile for the ones who free you out of cage,
Smile for the ones who always encourage,

Smile, if friend becomes foe;
Smile, if talent becomes show;
Smile, if go becomes gone;
Smile, till life goes on…..

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