There are many colours we see around,
Some very rare and some commonly found,
Of all these colours, there are just few,
That when we see them every time, we find them new.

Blue is for calm, green is for fresh,
And red is for anger, sorrow and distress,
Pink is for love, white is for peace,
But why is BLACK for dark, fear and evil breeze!

Black is the night sky where we see beautiful stars,
Black is the fabric that keeps us warm for hours,
Black is the cloud that relieves us through rain,
Black is symbol of royalty, not pain.

When all the colours combine, they make the white,
Together, when they travel, they make the light,
But when no colour is left, only black remains,
When you see no light, black always stays.

When we are out of our path and enter the dark,
Then black becomes a guide, a sign, a mark,
We can’t see the light, until we find a crack,
Explore the beauty of darkness, the beauty of BLACK.

3 thoughts on “THE BEAUTY OF BLACK

  1. wowww !!! this is soo inspiring!! just amazing piece of work! black is my fav color..n it seemed lik eu penned down my thoughts in ur poem..jus loved it.. great wrk! amazing veiw..!!!

  2. mostly people don’t like black colour….n consider it to be colour of darkness, fear, sorrow n loneliness! But this is the only colour that stays with us….always..n staying is enough to do something!

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