Give Me Some Sunshine

Give me some sunshine,To cover my face with light,And uncover the mask,That I put on to fight,Lend me some heat,From your mighty fire,Let it darken my skin,Where scars pain higher,Shed your light on my door,Make the edges glow,Give me an inch of hope,Out of this dark hollow.Give me some sunshine,As I come out to the … Continue reading Give Me Some Sunshine


Look at yourself…! Not in the mirror, not in your reflection, not in your shadow; but in this space….directly! Observe yourself, harder. What do you see? Who are you? Or it would be better to ask ‘what are you?’ I have thought over it many times and each time ended up going deeper and deeper … Continue reading YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FREQUENCY!!!


A flower that blooms, An eye that dreams, A light that spreads, A window above the heads, A bed of green grass, A lens of clean glass, A land of beautiful variations, A bond of valuable relations, A smile of happiness and joy, A spark of hope in the eye, A fire of doing something … Continue reading WE ARE ALL CONNECTED