Left for a journey,To the place close to my heart,Where sun shines red,Moon is only a stretched arm apart,I travelled through thick forests,Crossed the widest rivers,Survived the endless cold nights,Waking up in sweat and shivers,I treaded the long roads,Climbed up and down the peaks,To reach this heavenly abode,Where only my soul speaks.It's been an age,Since … Continue reading Worthwhile

It’s Life, Don’t Fake It!!

Guest post by Gourav Gupta “Even if a gem be placed on foot and a mirror on the head. Still, the gem will not lose its value.” The quote stated above has a very deep meaning. For a better understanding I have tried to organize things under the following headings, Have a look… Don’t judge a book … Continue reading It’s Life, Don’t Fake It!!


This post is dedicated to ME 😉 Just to remind you all that this is me, Varun K. Sharma. A poet, a writer, a photography enthusiast, an artist......NO! Just a simple person with different perspective. I feel I'm special because I believe I'm special. To be special, you just have to believe that you are! … Continue reading THE SIDE OF ME THAT YOU SEE