“Change” -   it’s not a small word; it’s huge, it’s wide, it’s limitless! Change is never single…..it’s many! When was the last time you tried to change something or someone? There may be many instances when you tried to change the world, but were you successful or are you still trying? Does it ever occur … Continue reading “CHANGE” IS IN YOUR HANDS


1) "Know your worth, not your price; because you are worth something but priceless for nothing....!" 2) "Talking less gives you chance to listen more; but opposite of this can't necessarily be true...!" 3) "Blend of all colours give beauty to sight by creating light; and vanishing colours give beautiful night.....! Life is colourful :-)" … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #5


There are many things that you CAN do, and many others that you CAN’T! But how CAN we know which are the ones that we CAN and which are the ones that we CAN’T? Though there CAN be many explanations and answers that we CAN actually rely on, but which explanation CAN be generalized? Some … Continue reading HOW MANY ‘CAN’?