1) “Know your worth, not your price; because you are worth something but priceless for nothing….!”

2) “Talking less gives you chance to listen more; but opposite of this can’t necessarily be true…!”

3) “Blend of all colours give beauty to sight by creating light; and vanishing colours give beautiful night…..! Life is colourful :-)”

4) “Body may lie but heart can’t; Eyes may lie but instinct can’t….!

5) “Follow a person’s ideas, not his character…!”

6) “A pillow doesn’t give you dreams; it just gives you a canvas to paint on…!”

7) “Make it, live it, or break it…..anyway you have to accept it…!”

8) “Being stupid is being intellectual….!”

9) “Life without LOVE is like words without meaning; eyes without story; mind without memories; breath without air; and faith without GOD….!!”

10) “Create your life from your own imagination, so that you can’t blame others for the worse that happens…!”

11) “Even the darkness appears bright when the mind is illuminated with the reflection of curiosity…!”

12) “If you get out to find people like you, you’ll find many….all you have to do is…BELIEVE that you will…!”

13) “Don’t show the world who you are; wait for the call, then be ENLIGHTENED….!”

14) “If you want to love, create it; if you want happiness, live it…!”

15) “When you go, go with pride; but when you return, come back with honour….!”

16) “I can’t capture and store beauty in my frames of lenses; but I can certainly capture its essence in the frame of my imagination…!!!”

17) “Boundaries lie in thoughts, not in these walls…! Think about it!”

18) “Rain may inspire many; but storms motivate only a few…!”

19) “If life is like a line, then remember “A straight line looks like a point when you are away from it….and seems infinite when you are walking on it….!”

20) “If wind try to blow you off the ground….don’t try to hold on to something….let yourself in the flow…!”

21) “Silence is not a gift; it’s the visual projection on one’s patience…!”

22) “Language creates barriers; imagination breaks them off…!”

23) “Who am I?” is not a question; it’s a life changing realization…!”A new day begins with positive thoughts; not punctuation marks..!”

24) “There’s nothing beyond your reach; but only beyond your control…!”

25) “The world looks beautiful if the eyes of your mind are made of sparkling diamonds…!”

26) “See clearer, look harder, and observe better…..then make the best out of it…!”

27) “Acceptance without Love is formality; but Love without Acceptance is incomplete reality….!”

28) “The ‘horizon’ is the line where our vision ends, and curiosity begins….!”

29) “Rise and shine, but fall and glow; because falling should capture more attention…!

30) “When heart stops listening and brain starts ignoring……follow your mind….it never denies, it guides!”

©Varun K. Sharma

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