Dedicated to Nikita Aggarwal, one of my blogging friends. Please visit her blog as she writes really amazing!!

Deep in the ocean’s crust,
Past those deadly pieces of rust,
Was born a flower from the decaying seed,
Spreading fragrance in the colony of weed,
With a unique perspective, a mission in hand,
Living in high ideas, expecting many to stand,
To cut her roots, she wants to be free,
Floating to land, she wants to be a tree,
Drinking wine from clouds, eating soil from land,
She wants to grow up, into a colourful band.

Like a wave she floats on the bed of skyglass,
Showing true image of the heavenly class,
She speaks courage without any boundary,
Striking the currents, she floats free,
She makes an impact when she strikes the shore,
Washing away some sand, then bringing back more,
Her words are loud, but her intentions are pure,
Her expressions are deep, but her actions are sure,
A vibrant flow of language, she is never consumed and dry,
A VOICE OF SMILING WAVES, she lives under open sky.

A mind that dreams,
Of unknown realms,
A heart that waits,
For trustful traits,
An eye that sees,
The story of beliefs,
A hand that guides,
The direction of tides,
A voice that smiles truth,
In the will of living youth….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma


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