Yet Here We Are

Gender divides us, Society differentiates us, People judge us, Men belittle us, But here we are, With all that rage, Transformed into smiles, Moving out of the cage, To walk a few miles. Yet here we are, Carrying ourselves at large, From the streets so still, But imaginations barge, Looking under our attire, Not beneath … Continue reading Yet Here We Are


1) "Falling is embarrassing when rising becomes a curse...!" 2) "He who says and never acts, is no more a human....!" 3) "Behind every broken promise there's a story even more painful than breaking the promise....!" 4) "When you make judgements about someone's life or character, just keep in mind that the person you are … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES#10


1) "My words are opaque but together they make my life look transparent....!" 2) "When heart beats louder, that means you are close to silence; but when heart beats faster, that means you are close to LOVE ♥" 3) "Even the brilliant brain can't tell you who you really are; only the awakened mind can....!" … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #6