1) “Falling is embarrassing when rising becomes a curse…!”

2) “He who says and never acts, is no more a human….!”

3) “Behind every broken promise there’s a story even more painful than breaking the promise….!”

4) “When you make judgements about someone’s life or character, just keep in mind that the person you are talking about is a sculpture of experiences which are just different from you, but as valuable to him as yours are to you…!”

5) “You can’t win a war with only determination and planning, you have to show your rage…!”

6) “Not every one here lives for a purpose; some just distract themselves so that others can find their purpose…!”

7) “Even if the leaves begin to fall, the tree still stands for one and for all….!”

8) “If you can’t appreciate it, just don’t ignore it…!”

9) “Right becomes left and left becomes right when you see yourself in the eyes of someone else….you are different in the eyes of others…!”

10) “On the peaks of your highest imaginations, there’s always a truth waiting to unveil its mask…!”

11) “Let your LOVE be radioactive. Let it penetrate right through your body and mind to reach your eternal soul so as to be immortal forever…!”

12) “Risk taken for saving yourself from other upcoming predictable risks, is not a risk at all…!”

13) “Be clear either in your imagination or your language; because either way, you can justify yourselves to be right…..!”

14) “In the shallow waters, the tiny pebbles that you so fear to walk on, are the ones that drive you to the safe lands when you are lost…!”

15) “A life is not enough to do things what you always wanted to. So, rise above and go beyond life….!”

16) “If illusion is all that you believe it is…..then it certainly is..!!!”

17) “If you can’t imagine yourself in a scenario, you are not experiencing…!”

18) “It doesn’t matter how you make a decision, what matters is that you make a decision….!”

19) “The gap that between ‘not being’ and ‘being’ is bridged by courage…!”

20) “Once a man was asked that how does he create things out of just materials. He replied that there is always a particular angle for every material where the it breaks off……and he said that he just searches for that one angle….and then creates things using all other angles except this one…!!
What he meant was that rather than finding a million reasons for failure, he finds that one reason, which if improved, can be used as a key to success.”
Look for mistakes, but consider only the ones that may help you in creating something, rather than destroying something!

©Varun K. Sharma

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