This award comes from two amazing bloggers: Isha Kalra and Madhvi Mahajan.

Isha, the sweet character who loves to write about LOVE, a good friend of mine and always ready for surprizes.

Madhvi Mahajan, a good friend of mine, growing from an amazing person to a wonderful and versatile poet, who speaks out her heart in her posts.

Thank you all for nominating me for this award. I try to be versatile when I post, and your award nominations confirm that I’m successful in being versatile, and in touching every topic that connects one and all.

Now, as per the rules, I have to nominate other bloggers who deserve this award. So, here they are:

I hope everyone participates 🙂

©Varun K. Sharma

2 thoughts on “THE VERSATILE BLOGGER #2

  1. Congrats dear…. a blogger like you really deserves it.
    And awwww!! at the that sweet statement. You made my day. and yes, for now you are the one surprising me hahaaa..
    Keep rocking and smiling!

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