A Rewarding Bake

On the kitchen table,Just a few steps away,A delicious cake awaits,To make your day,Before you grab a spoon,And begin savouring its taste,Let’s go back to the time,Before it was ready to bake.A big and colourful bowl,Basic ingredients in a mixture,Flour, soda, sugar, butter,Beat it till you get a texture,Dip a finger, try a taste,Wait till … Continue reading A Rewarding Bake


This award comes from two amazing bloggers: Isha Kalra and Madhvi Mahajan. Isha, the sweet character who loves to write about LOVE, a good friend of mine and always ready for surprizes. Madhvi Mahajan, a good friend of mine, growing from an amazing person to a wonderful and versatile poet, who speaks out her heart … Continue reading THE VERSATILE BLOGGER #2


This award comes from the versatile blogger herself, Stephanie, who writes on various themes; be it Love, friendship, literature, philosophy, poetry, life, and many more. My heartiest thanks to Stephanie for nominating me for this amazing award. I liked her posts categorized under LOVE......those are just awesome!! Please have a look at her blog Certainly … Continue reading THE VERSATILE BLOGGER