A Rewarding Bake

Source: Canva

On the kitchen table,
Just a few steps away,
A delicious cake awaits,
To make your day,
Before you grab a spoon,
And begin savouring its taste,
Let’s go back to the time,
Before it was ready to bake.

A big and colourful bowl,
Basic ingredients in a mixture,
Flour, soda, sugar, butter,
Beat it till you get a texture,
Dip a finger, try a taste,
Wait till you say the word “wow”,
Find an interesting mould,
Let the batter settle in now,
Put it to bake in the oven,
Until the flavours sooth your mind,
Get the icing ready till then,
This cake has to be one of a kind.

Grab a knife, a spoon, a plate,
Don’t crumble the soft bread,
Feel the delicacy of this sweet reward,
Close your eyes and let it clear your head!

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