Yet Here We Are

Gender divides us,

Society differentiates us,

People judge us,

Men belittle us,

But here we are,

With all that rage,

Transformed into smiles,

Moving out of the cage,

To walk a few miles.

Yet here we are,

Carrying ourselves at large,

From the streets so still,

But imaginations barge,

Looking under our attire,

Not beneath our skin,

Praising the outer shell,

But not the heart within.

Yet here we are,

Touched but unaltered,

Wounded but healed,

Broken but mended,

Open but concealed,

Ready to fight,

For another day,

Facing eyes of demons,

In our own way.

Yet here we are,

Risen from the ashes,

Of yesterday’s fire,

Burning like hell,

But in beautiful attire,

Don’t judge our wings,

We intend to fly higher,

We are the phoenix,

Of everyone’s desire.