After receiving so much love and acceptance from the bloggers all over the world, I’ve now decided to create a new blog titled “Frames of Reality”, that will be dedicated to my photography. I’m very much inclined towards photography as I’m towards writing. So, I tried to blend my art of writing with my art of photography and created a new blog that will contain photos clicked by me, along with a quote that will interpret the theme of each photo. I’ll be posting photos based on different themes and concepts; through which I’ll try to show the reality. Even the tagline says,”Where reality is captured“; so I’ll try to capture reality in the frames of my imagination and project them through this new blog of mine! Here’s the link to my new blog:

Frames of Reality

I’m very happy with the acceptance I gained because of my blog. Varungenius Blog has become my identity now! It has introduced me to a world so wonderful and different from the one we live in. Here, in the blogging world, we have no bounds, no limits, no barriers……neither to language, nor to ideas. We can openly share our life and express what we believe. Through this blog, I’ve made many new friends, who have inspired me in every way and helped me discover & realize my true SELF.

I hope you enjoy this new blog of mine. I’ve posted a photo-link on my home page from where you can navigate to my new blog. Follow this new blog and prove your REALITY…..!!!


Β©Varun K. Sharma

4 thoughts on “FRAMES OF REALITY

  1. Hi Varun this is wonderful that you have been inspired to create a new blog.. I will be hoping over to take a peek.. I wish you much success as with this Blog πŸ™‚ ~Sue Dreamwalker

  2. Dude you did an amazing thing! Best of luck for the journey ahead! πŸ™‚ Even I am gonna open a blog soon for my paintings but that’ll take time of course! πŸ™‚

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