1) “My words are opaque but together they make my life look transparent….!”

2) “When heart beats louder, that means you are close to silence; but when heart beats faster, that means you are close to LOVE ♥”

3) “Even the brilliant brain can’t tell you who you really are; only the awakened mind can….!”

4) “It’s not about how much you do, it’s actually about how well you do….!”

5) “Pain is not just a sensation; it’s more of a habit…!”

6) “Being lazy is not always bad; sometimes moving ‘late’ is better than moving ‘less’….!”

7) “Bottles without caps may give you joy, but they can’t give you satisfaction….!”

8) “The straight roads & curvy smiles are much easier to follow than curvy roads & straight smiles…. !”

9) “Passion is not something to be shown to the world; it is to be shown to yourself…!”

10) “If you are crazy, accept it; because if you possess it, then you deserve it…!”

11) “Catch the smoke, condense it, shape it, drench it, squeeze it and then blow it away….that’s life…!”

12) “You can’t die by holding your breath….and you can’t breathe by holding your death…!”

13) “Crazy heart is more trustful than intellectual brain…!”

14) “Knowing someone and understanding someone, are two very different things..!”

15) “Make the best of today, by using the hands of past and vision of future..!”

16) “Dark clouds bring joy, white clouds bring beauty, and clear sky brings silence….!”

17) “Becoming what you believe is not difficult, it just takes a lot of energy….!”

18) “Only by standing in dark you can know ‘where’ you shine…!”

19) “A scrap of paper and a penny can’t give you the joy that a flash of light can…!”

20) “Silence speaks louder than words…only when it is accompanied by ‘stillness’ of mind & body…!”

21) “The blades of light should never be sharp enough to cut through your eyes and make them bleed….!”

22) “Some things are just meant for persistence of vision….for everything else, there’s a reason…!”

23) “The song of life needs no reward, when you really enjoy every beat and every word of it…!”

24) “On the canvas of duality, an abstract creation of mind can show you single reality…!”

25) “Nothing seems interesting as long as your perception remains silent…!”

©Varun K. Sharma

6 thoughts on “VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #6

  1. 3) “Even the brilliant brain can’t tell you who you really are; only the awakened mind can….!”
    works for me. Thank you

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