12th Blogoversary

It's been 12 years since I started writing my mind out through WordPress. I've always been grateful to the decision I made 12 years ago when I started sharing with the world what I experienced, felt, thought mostly about and brought into action some of my fascinating ideas, hoping that someone reading around the opposite … Continue reading 12th Blogoversary


“I’m going through worse, and there’s no one by my side whom I can trust, whom I can tell everything I have been through, who can support me at this critical point of my life.” Do these lines look familiar to you? Have you been through such a situation when you feel you are all … Continue reading BE OPEN, LET THE WORDS FLOW!!!


1) "Know your worth, not your price; because you are worth something but priceless for nothing....!" 2) "Talking less gives you chance to listen more; but opposite of this can't necessarily be true...!" 3) "Blend of all colours give beauty to sight by creating light; and vanishing colours give beautiful night.....! Life is colourful :-)" … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #5