1) “Crazy are not people, crazy are not words; crazy are the minds that make others realize about the values that can never be otherwise understood by normal minds….!!”

2) “People say many things; not all of them are worth listening, but all of them are worth questioning….! Question everything!”

3) “Paths change, people change, relations change, meanings change, words change…..A BIG NO!! Nothing changes…’s just your perspective that has changed….!”

4) “Risking your life for value is humanity, but risking your life for happiness is insanity…because happiness comes when you know it’s value in your life…!!”

5) “Be proud of anything that you own, but never be proud of everything that you possess!!”

6) “LOVE is not earned, it is LIVED….!!”

7) “There are times when the sky falls and there’s no one to tell that it was just a falling dream…!!!”

8) “Try to be the one; not ‘the only’ one….!”

9) “Work in peace throughout your life so that you can rest in peace after your death….!”

10) “Man creates many things, out of them not many are worth appreciating…..but all of them are worth remembered for….!!”

11) “Walk before you run; because it’s better to atleast see what are you running for…!!”

12) “Write the words of freedom on the fences of your limits, not on the paper of your thoughts…!!”

13) “Break the bonds that penetrate your body and pass through your skin; because they are no more the bonds that you made….they are threads of rust…!!”

14) “Rise and become a shining star; because the radiance of sun is not welcome to most eyes…!”

15) “There’s a great difference between ‘doing great’ and ‘becoming great’….!”

16) “Create not in isolation, but in front of everyone; because people are inspired more during creation than after completion….!”

17) “Hatred?? There’s nothing as that in existence…go and check your heartbeat….it always beats LOVE…♥”

18) “Walls of trust are always higher than your ego; you need to cross your ego to gain trust…!!”

19) “Bring back the light what once was stolen from the depths of your mind; and be enlightened by it’s unavoidable radiance….!”

20) “Light……..takes you infinite…!!!”

©Varun K. Sharma

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