Women’s Day special

From the instant I entered this world of disguise,
I’ve been influenced by those ‘true’ glittering eyes,
In the dark where I was blind of sight,
There always appeared two stars of light,
Like the shower of rain, a fresh morning dew,
I see her eyes and find them always new,
A figure of LOVE, on the heavenly shelf,
A “woman” is what she calls herself.

When we were small, unknown to all,
She gave us a name, different but same,
When we were wrong, way too long,
She showed us the right, with positive light,
When we were down, in colourless town,
She made us smile, forever and a while,
When we were alone, feeling overthrown,
She held our hand, to make us stand.

As mother, she is a temple of beauty,
Always full of LOVE, ‘care’ being her duty,
As sister, she is a treasure of smiles,
Sharing joy of life, in the ‘secret’ files,
As wife, she is a blend of beauty and art,
Together at every step of life, wise and smart,
As friend, she is a heart so loyal and true,
With open mind, she knows ‘me’ and ‘you’.

A forever smile,
An adventurous exile,
A light in dark,
An enlightening spark,
A flapping wing,
A magical ring,
A loyal heart,
A creation of art,
A peaceful dove,
A figure of LOVE…!!

Β©Varun K. Sharma

15 thoughts on “A FIGURE OF LOVE

  1. This is amazing Varun ! I loved it. πŸ˜€
    Somebody here, πŸ˜‰ respected our women race ! Thanks. πŸ˜€

  2. The great creation of woman is God’s word made flesh blended with everything that can create what is strong and beautiful and lasting. BEAUTIFUL writing is a creation I can always reread and this is one worthy of my collection ! THANK you friend.

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