LOVE – The Unexplained (The Power Within)

From the twisted fabric of nature,
On the way to a joyful adventure,
I extracted the beauty that lies unchanged,
With the power within that encouraged,
From numerous complex layers of illusion,
I peeled them off with powerful intuition,
On every way in the direction of time,
I heard LOVE in the background chime,
In the new lines of old songs,
I found the ‘rights’ in all the ‘wrongs’.

Drowning in the sea of humanity,
Suffocating from the air of formality,
There’s something that ‘gives’ your breath,
That brings you back from the door to death;

Crying in the pond of despair,
Regretting for making wrong pair,
There’s something that ‘makes’ your smile,
That concludes your never ending exile;

Falling in the pit of relations,
Tied in chains of unbalanced equations,
There’s something that ‘holds’ your hand,
That pulls you up with the velvet strand;

Starving for truth in the depths of eyes,
Suspecting every face for telling lies,
There’s something that ‘awakens’ your mind,
That shows you the light so hard to find;

When you are entangled in the threads of confusion,
There’s a hidden power that gives you propulsion,
A power residing deep within your tender core,
That shows you light on the dark door,
Beneath the ‘pool of blood’ that beats therein,
There resides LOVE – The Unexplained, the power within….!!

Β©Varun K. Sharma

12 thoughts on “LOVE – The Unexplained (The Power Within)

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