1) “Life shows you what YOU want to see, gives you what YOU desire with true heart, takes away what YOU never think of, makes you what YOU want to become…this means that YOU and only YOU are the architect of your own life!”

2) When it’s hard for you to walk, you fall on ground, because the nature keeps on telling,”You can’t walk until you know how to stand!”

3) If you believe in something with reason, it’s called ‘religion’;
but if you believe in something without reason, it’s called ‘superstition’

4) “Change the way you look at yourself and the world will look through your eyes!”

5) “To sleep and dream is never an option, but to wake up and achieve is…!”

6) “There is no first, there is no last, there are just incomplete answers…!”

7) “The night you see the sun in between your eyes, you are awakened…!”

8) “The hands of time are made for those who don’t understand the value of its existence..!”

9) “Become the breath that gives life rather than being breeze of fresh air that gives pleasure…!”

10) “Accept what you are; expect what you want to be…!

11) “Reasons exist for those who themselves exist for a reason…!”

12) “When you trust your inner self more than your ego, you are a GENIUS….!!!”

13) “Close your eyes to the memories of past; open your eyes to the delightful present….and observe hard for better future!”

14) “Design your life the way you want with your delightful thoughts, not with your loud actions!”

15) “Always find life in happiness rather than finding happiness in life…!”

16) “Peace is not found in the silence of senses and desires; it is found in the loud screams of the conscious!”

17) “Crazy are the people who think out of their brain to prove they are correct!”

18) “Life speaks when you are quiet…and even GOD yells when you are right!”

19) “Life goes straight, it never bends; actually we are too inclined to walk it straight!”

20) “Fast beating heart never tells you to stop; it’s your mind that knows you better than you yourself do!”

21) “The day you forget who you really are, you are already dead!”

22) “You are nothing that you say you are; but you are everything that you believe you want to be!”

23) “Reality demands freedom of thoughts and flow of ideas…question is…how REAL are you?”

24) “To think, one needs concentration….but to innovate, one needs distraction…!”

25) “At every instant of our life, we are creating something – an idea, an awareness, just another thought or a part of ourselves…!”

26) “Headaches are common to those who think hard rather than just filing up words…!”

27) “When you see your own shadow in a dark night, that means you are AWAKENED…!”

28) “Great minds are inspired by weird people…!!”

©Varun K. Sharma

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