1) "Life shows you what YOU want to see, gives you what YOU desire with true heart, takes away what YOU never think of, makes you what YOU want to become...this means that YOU and only YOU are the architect of your own life!" 2) When it's hard for you to walk, you fall on … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #3


1) "When earth wobbles, buildings fall....but when humanity wobbles, the creation falls...!" 2) "If you are not bothered about the material you are made of, then you'll never know the points where you may fail...!" 3) "Thoughts once created can never be destroyed, but can be transformed to ideas, stored as knowledge and justified as … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #2


Prepared for fight, In the silence of night, I forged my sword, In the eye of the Lord; Defining a mission, With determined vision, I moulded my armor, In the heart with honour; Planning to win, With fire within, I took the lead, With sweat I bleed. Ready for war, Covering every scar, I commenced … Continue reading THE DAY I LOST MYSELF