Prepared for fight,
In the silence of night,
I forged my sword,
In the eye of the Lord;

Defining a mission,
With determined vision,
I moulded my armor,
In the heart with honour;

Planning to win,
With fire within,
I took the lead,
With sweat I bleed.

Ready for war,
Covering every scar,
I commenced with pride,
Towards success I ride;

But in the fighting red,
I found everyone dead,
To this world, I lost,
To myself, I ‘was’ lost;

In the fading treads,
And the breaking threads,
I realized a truth,
About this ‘colourful’ youth;
That with age comes wisdom,
And with love comes freedom,
But what’s true is never said,
That young minds are actually dead;

When awareness becomes light,
Every wrong turns right,
In the light of dark words,
There are roads to other worlds,
Where inner peace is a river,
And even all the fears shiver,
A world of realization,
A truthful generalization,
I was lost that day,
On the heaven’s way…!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

2 thoughts on “THE DAY I LOST MYSELF

  1. a poem fr the youth!! especia;y fr the ones who are in the rat race of moving ahead f all the ppl no matter wat cost it takes even if it takes to jump over n cruple the one under ur feet..!!

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