A kid stuck amidst the war, Father fighting for his son, Blood, bullets, explosions, Bodies piling up one by one, Thoughts railing up in his mind, Forcing him to make up some lies, Pointing his son away from chaos, Saying, "look there son, the fireflies!" A tiny hint of smile at the boy's face, For … Continue reading Fireflies

The Devastating Sunset

Far across the sky, I see a red glow, Converging towards the horizon, But fading out slow, It looked like sunset, But it's the middle of the night, My mind is asking questions, Trying hard to fight, To figure what it is, That shook the buildings high, There's smoke filled with screams, Pacing towards me, … Continue reading The Devastating Sunset


Prepared for fight, In the silence of night, I forged my sword, In the eye of the Lord; Defining a mission, With determined vision, I moulded my armor, In the heart with honour; Planning to win, With fire within, I took the lead, With sweat I bleed. Ready for war, Covering every scar, I commenced … Continue reading THE DAY I LOST MYSELF